Stollen bun, Panettone and Christmas shortbreads: festive pastries in Odessa

From gingerbread cakes to cranberry coockies and warm, winter wonderland waffles, Odessa’s festive season has well and truly started.

Christmas has a smell of fragrant pastries. For Odessans, cakes are an integral symbol of Christmas. And in recent years, German Stollen and Italian Panettone have joined them.

To please all our friends, we went to Santim and considered all possible options.

German Stollen

The legendary German Christmas Stollen will appeal to those who like not very sweet muffins. In the classic Christmas pastries, there are much more sugar. The slow-fermented dough is dense, soft, with a subtle rum flavour and its fibrous core goes well with the sweet crust.

Italian panettone

Christmas panettone smells like citrus and melts in your mouth, it has a lot of raisins, candied fruit, and the dough is yellowish. This pastry retains the freshness and tenderness of the texture for a very long time. Panettone is decorated in the spirit of European minimalism.

Cranberry Christmas Shortbread

Cranberry Christmas Shortbread has a dense core and appeals to those who like the pronounced sour taste of berries.

Prune Shortbread

Shortbread Christmas cake with prunes has a porous core and a bright taste with a slight sourness – a fantastic combination of taste and aroma.

Scottish Dundee Shortbread

Fragrant, juicy, porous, full of spices, delicious fruit cake “Dundee”. It is traditionally served at the table in Scotland for Christmas. It is prepared with the addition of candied fruit, almond flour and butter. A distinctive feature of “Dundee” is a well-recognized decor of almond kernels.

Orange Shortbread

Shortbread Christmas cake with an orange soft core and a bright citrus flavor – an excellent combination of Christmas aroma and taste.

For your convenience, below we offer the nearets addresses of Santim shops:

  • 2a Makarenko st
  • 54 Troitskaya st
  • 3 Sabansky lane
  • 26 B. Arnautskaya st
  • 84a Dobrovolskogo avenue
  • 16a Kamanina st

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