StopFake was included in the archives of the US Library of Congress

The US Library of Congress will include the StopFake project in its web archives. StopFake announced this on its Facebook page.

The site’s content will be preserved in the archive as one of the “unique historical sources demonstrating in detail the evolution and threats of Russian propaganda and disinformation.”

Materials will become available for research by analysts from around the world.

StopFake is a Ukrainian fact-checking project founded in 2014, and a leader in the fight against propaganda. The initiators of its creation were teachers, graduates, and students of the Mohyla School of Journalism and NaUKMA (National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy). Over the 8 years of the organization’s activity, the StopFake website has collected tens of thousands of examples of Russian lies, which allow us to see the evolution of Russia’s information crimes.

The Library of Congress preserves important cultural artifacts and provides long-term access. The purpose of web archives is to preserve information that might otherwise be lost. In addition to building its own Web Archive collections, the Library of Congress collaborates with other organizations to document Internet events in the United States and worldwide. In most cases, access is provided through partner organizations.

Among the already created archives, there is also an archive about the Russian-Ukrainian war (Ukraine Conflict).

The Library of Congress

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