Swans flocked to Sukhoi Liman near Odessa to winter

With the onset of the first perceptible cold weather, swans appeared at the ferry crossing of Sukhoi Liman, a lagoon in the Southern surroundings of Odessa.

The graceful birds use to do it each year, for the winter.

Even on a weekday, Odessites came here to feed the swans. Birds went ashore without fear and snatched food straight from their hands. The seagulls and ducks, which also populated the bay, received their snacks, as well.

For those who want to take a vivid photo, the crossing is the best place. It is worth reminding that it is better not to feed the swans with bread, because it is quite dangerous for them. It is better to take grains of various cereals, with you: wheat, barley or barley.

Source and pictures: Dumskaya.net