Sweden’s Presidency of the EU Council could prepare preliminary steps for negotiations on Ukraine’s membership of the EU

Working visit by Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Ihor Zhovkva to the Kingdom of Sweden on January 25-26, in order to promote the start of negotiations on Ukraine’s accession to EU.

During the visit, he met with Speaker of the Riksdag (Parliament) Andreas Norlén and expressed gratitude for the historic decisions of the Swedish Parliament to support Ukraine, especially the provision of defense assistance to our country. The Deputy Head of the Presidential Office briefed the Speaker on the progress in implementing the reform course necessary for Ukraine’s full and comprehensive accession to the EU. Ihor Zhovkva thanked Andreas Norlén for his personal participation in the first parliamentary summit of the international Crimea Platform held in Zagreb in October 2022.

Andreas Norlén and Ihor Zhovkva

The Deputy Head of the Office of the President also met with the heads and key members of the Riksdag’s committees on EU and foreign affairs. The main attention was paid to the implementation of President Volodymyr Zelensky’s Peace Formula, in particular in terms of bringing the aggressor country to justice for war crimes, as well as Ukraine’s strategic movement towards EU membership.

We are grateful to Sweden for its support and readiness to actively engage in the work on the establishment of a Special Tribunal for Russia’s crimes against Ukraine. We count on the Riksdag’s support for Sweden’s participation in the implementation of certain provisions of the Peace Formula proposed by the President of Ukraine, on increasing pressure on Russia by all possible means, as well as on the leading role of Sweden as the country presiding over the Council of the EU in promoting Ukraine’s European integration,” emphasized Ihor Zhovkva.

During the meeting with National Security Adviser to the Prime Minister of Sweden Henrik Landerholm and State Secretary for Foreign Affairs Jan Knutsson, the Deputy Head of the Presidential Office briefed the interlocutors on the current security situation in Ukraine in the context of the ongoing military aggression of the Russian Federation. He thanked the Swedish side for ten packages of significant military assistance provided to our country since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion, as well as for the support from Sweden on the whole range of issues important for the Ukrainian state in countering Russian armed aggression.

Henrik Landerholm, Ihor Zhovkva and Henrik Landerholm

Sweden’s comprehensive and significant assistance is an important component of our great victory. Ukraine and Sweden have a shared vision of security on the European continent. Our joint efforts will certainly have an impact on the success of the Ukrainian army on the battlefield and will be a guarantee of sustainable security in the region and the world. We count on Sweden’s proactive role in the implementation of the Ukrainian Peace Formula,” emphasized Ihor Zhovkva.

The Deputy Head of the Presidential Office also met with State Secretary to Minister for Defence Peter Sandwall. The parties focused on strengthening bilateral cooperation in the defense sector to enhance Ukraine’s defense capabilities.

During the visit, Ihor Zhovkva also held talks with State Secretary to Minister for EU Affairs Christian Danielsson. The interlocutors discussed in detail the practical steps of Ukraine for the rapprochement with the EU, as well as the progress of our country in implementing the recommendations of the European Commission necessary for accession. The Deputy Head of the Presidential Office briefed Mr. Danielsson on Ukraine’s vision of practical steps of Sweden to support Ukraine’s progress on the European integration path among the EU member states.

Sweden’s Presidency of the European Union in the first half of 2023 should be marked by the announcement of a positive assessment of Ukraine’s implementation of the European Commission’s recommendations and lay the foundation for the start of negotiations on Ukraine’s accession to the EU this year,” said Ihor Zhovkva.

During the working meeting between the Deputy Head of the Presidential Office and State Secretary to Minister for International Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade Diana Janse, the parties focused on modalities of Sweden’s participation in the restoration of Ukraine’s critical infrastructure, rapid and post-war reconstruction. The interlocutors also noted a common interest in the return of big Swedish businesses to Ukraine.

Diana Janse and Ihor Zhovka

Sweden is a strategic partner for us in the field of technological reconstruction of Ukraine. Its experience in achieving high standards of energy efficiency and energy saving is very important for us. This is what our country strives for as well. We look forward to close and fruitful cooperation in this area,” summarized Ihor Zhovkva.  

The Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine also spoke at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs and joined a discussion with experts from leading Swedish think tanks.

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