Symphonic music by Ukrainian composers in Odessa

Music of Ukrainian composers performed by the National Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra will be played on November 12 at 19:00 in the Odessa Philharmonic Theatre!

Aleksandr Krasotov

Odessa School of Composers has always been unique and has long been famous far beyond Ukraine. The succession of the traditions of the Odessa school was laid by the Honored Artist of Ukraine, composer, teacher, Aleksandr Krasotov.

Krasotov was born in Odessa and devoted his entire life to the education of young composers. He is the author of several symphonies, instrumental concerts, numerous instrumental works, cantatas, oratorios, and vocal cycles, songs. His compositions are in the repertoire of many famous performers. The composer’s legacy continues to attract performers’ attention and is perceived with interest by the audience. And the name of Alexander Krasotov is forever inscribed in the history of Ukrainian music.

Carmella Tsepkolenko. Aleksandr Krasotov, Yulia Gomelskaya

Alexander Rodin

A graduate of the Odessa Conservatory in the piano class, Alexander Rodin has a reputation as a “semi-professional” composer (he mastered the art of composition on his own). At one time, he wrote a lot for dramatic performances and also has experience in the film industry as an actor. At the same time, Rodin stands out among contemporary Ukrainian composers of the younger generation because his music is played in the subscription programmes of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine (for various reasons, modern domestic music is presented sporadically in this hall, mainly at anniversary concerts or special festivals).

Alexander Rodin graduated from Odessa National Music Academy. AV Nezhdanova in 2001. He is a member of the National Union of Composers of Ukraine. He was a composer-in-residence of NOFO in the concert season 2020/2021.

Alexander Rodin

The concert will feature Alexander Krasotov‘s Symphony № 4 for strings and “Farewell”, as well as Alexander Rodin‘s symphonic music – “La follia” and “The Last Seven Words of Jesus on the Cross”. The conductor is the Honored Artist of Ukraine Ihor Shavruk.