Tanker with Malaysia fuel arrived in Reni

On April 1, Reni seaport resumed transshipment of liquid cargo and received the tanker “Professor Aziz Aliev” (flag of Azerbaijan), which delivered 6,000 tons of Malaysian diesel fuel from Batumi.

According to the Administration of the Seaports of Ukraine (USPA), the transshipment took place at the second floating berth of the oil station by forces and means of Ukrchem LLC.

In the same place, 700 metric tons of fuel oil were reloaded from the reservoirs of NPK Odesnefteprodukt OJSC to the Turkish tanker Bayrakli.

To ensure safety during the transshipment of liquid cargo, the departments for the safety of navigation and the port fleet, the environmental safety sector of the Reni branch of the USPA were involved. A boom was installed, a round-the-clock watch was organised for the fire and rescue ship “Smely”.

Administration of the Seaports of Ukraine

The Malaysia Fuel

To stabilize fuel prices, the Malaysian government introduced a fuel pricing mechanism in 1983. The idea was some sort of a slate calculation, so that prices can remain constant over longer periods.

However, during the last years, the government continued to subsidize gasoline and diesel. The Domestic Trade Division (part of the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs) supervises fuel pricing in Malaysia.