Taras Vysotsky: 18 vessels are being stuffed and are waiting for their turn to leave the ports

In the 22 days since the beginning of the operation of the grain corridor, 33 ships left Ukrainian seaports with a total of 719,549 tons of agricultural products on board. Also, another 18 ships are being stuffed and are waiting for the exit queue.

First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Taras Vysotsky on the air of the national marathon UArazom.

Before the war, agriculture, together with other related industries, formed about 20% of the Ukrainian economy. Now, against the background of the decline of other sectors, it will be all 30%, maybe even 35%. That is, 1/3 of our economy is agriculture, 70% of which depends on exports. We produce such large volumes that it is impossible to consume them on the domestic market.

Taras Vysotsky

He emphasized that if Ukraine exported 3 million tons of agricultural products in July, then in 15 days of August – already 2 million tons.

That is, we have to export at least 4 million tons in August, and this is plus USD 250-300 million of earnings for just one month.

Taras Vysotsky

In addition, thanks to the work of the “grain corridor”, as the First Deputy Minister explained, export prices have leveled off, which gives confidence to Ukrainian farmers that they will not go bankrupt and will be able to cover production costs.

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