The 8 eight cars confiscated from drunk drivers in Latvia were handed over to Ukraine

On Tuesday, the Government of Latvia decided to hand over eight cars confiscated in Latvia from drunken drivers to the army units of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the Vinnytsia Regional Clinical Hospital, and the Territorial Medical Association of the Kupyansk District Council, writes the Latvian media Delfi.

According to the representative of the Agendum society and the founder of “Twitter Convoy” Reinis Poznaks, the transfer of cars “is excellent news for five army units and three medical institutions.” The Agendum company will ensure the delivery of cars to Ukraine and their transfer to the state institutions of Ukraine.

As reported, on February 18, the Sejm of Latvia adopted amendments to the law on support of the civilian population of Ukraine, which provide for the possibility of free transfer of vehicles belonging to the state to the ownership of the government of Ukraine. “Currently, we can sell the vehicles confiscated from drunk drivers by selling them, handing them over for recycling, or disassembling them for spare parts. However, we see that in the current conditions, they would be useful support for the people of Ukraine,” said the head of the Defense Commission. of Internal Affairs and Prevention of Corruption, Raimonds Bergmanis (“United List”), who is responsible for advancing the draft law in the Sejm.

Earlier, the Latvian coalition reached an agreement that the cars confiscated from drunk drivers could be transferred for the needs of the Ukrainian army. The proposal was initiated by the Ministry of Finance of Latvia.

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