The Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the enemies in Tokmak – local residents helped

Unknown patriots carried out the adjustments of fire

The armed forces of Ukraine hit the invaders in Tokmak, the Zaporizhzhia region, when they were just unloading 10 wagons with ammunition. The locals helped put out the fire.

Representatives of the Come Back Alive Foundation spoke about the successful destruction of the enemies on their official Twitter account.

“Unknown patriots successfully corrected the fire on the occupiers in Tokmak in the Zaporizhzhia region. All the personnel of the Russians, who unloaded 10 wagons with ammunition, were eliminated. Everyone can join the resistance movement and help destroy the enemy,” representatives of the foundation said and published a link to the project “FindOkupant”

Official representatives of the army of Ukraine have not yet mentioned the operation.

This is not the first victory of the Ukrainian defenders over the invaders today, April 16. The marines destroyed the T-72 tank of the Russian Federation using the Stugna-P anti-tank missile system.

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