The best foreign specialists consult Ukrainian doctors through the telemedicine platform

8 virtual presence devices of the Teladoc Health system, which arrived as humanitarian aid, are working in 5 Ukrainian cities. It is planned to expand the synergistic network of leading healthcare institutions.

Yes, 95 doctors have completed a training course and can receive online consultations from leading foreign specialists and consult each other.

The main principle of the system is to create the effect of the doctor’s virtual presence near the patient. The robot is so technological that it can receive data from various diagnostic devices and transmit it to the consulting doctor.

Doctors can request consultations through the software, namely the telemedicine consultation platform. Conventionally speaking, special rooms for doctors have been created on the platform, which are divided according to the nature of the combat injury. They can be conducted only by doctors registered on the platform, which excludes data leakage.

Communications work by analogy with other messengers, the main difference is the high quality of communication with minimum requirements for Internet speed, as well as reliable protection of information through encryption of audio and video data streams.

Teladoc Health provides a high level of visualization – the doctor can be virtually present at the operation. From his workplace, he sees everything that happens in the ward down to the most minor details, can remotely control the 360° camera, zoom in or out, concentrate on the operating table, and see all the indicators on the screens in the ward.

“Doctors of the 21st century cannot work according to outdated standards, so working with telemedicine platforms will soon become a mandatory qualification condition,” says Maria Karchevych, Deputy Minister of Health for Digital Development. – “We are only at the beginning of introducing telemedicine in our country. But now with the help of telemedicine solutions, overcoming distance and time, our doctors and foreign colleagues are treating Ukrainians.”

We remind you that telemedicine projects have been successfully tested and launched in pilot mode in Ukraine.