The Big Apple supports Ukraine

A gallery of images from street photographer Francesca Magnani.

On March 23rd, New York City’s Mayor Eric Adams joined Ukrainian Consulate General Oleksii Holubov for a ceremonial act of support in Bowling Green: hundreds of Ukrainian New Yorkers watched the two flags being lifted as a symbolic show of support, promised to be flown side by side until the war ends. The Mayor said: “New York has the largest Ukrainian population outside of Ukraine, and we’re proud of having that experience. Any conflict that plays out on a global scale plays out on the streets of New York City, the bombs that are bursting keep on breaking our hearts here in New York and throughout our entire country. And today, the raising of the flag is also to raise the energy in the spirit of the Ukrainian people to know that we are united together.”

On recent Saturdays hundreds of Ukrainian New Yorkers marched from the United Nations to Times Square. These images were taken on Saturday March 19 and April 9th during gatherings organized by @razom.for.ukraine.

Francesca Magnani is a Brooklyn based Italian photographer, writer, teacher and translator. Born and raised in Padua, Italy, she has been telling in words and images for over 20 years the stories that move her, while she chronicles at the same time her own life.

One of the images from this series is currently part of the Women Street Photographers annual show, on view at the El Barrio Art Space in New York City.

Email: francescamagnani.com – Twitter: @magnanina