“The bombing doesn’t stop.” Kharkiv is defending itself on the 13th day of the war

Kharkiv Mayor Igor Terekhov told that the bombing of the city by Russian troops takes place day and night.

The situation is tense because Kharkiv was bombed again today. Bombed at night, during the day, now. The shelling is carried out with BM-21 Grad, from guns, mortar shelling. In addition to artillery shelling, there were also airstrikes from aircraft. The bombing does not stop. Dwelling houses and whole neighborhoods are being bombed. They are destroying the city’s infrastructure: transformer substations, pipelines, water mains, [places] where the heat carrier goes through the networks.

For ethical reasons, Terekhov did not name the number of dead and wounded among the civilian population:

Many civilians have died. There are wounded among the civilian population. And among the military, of course, too. We provide medical care to all wounded citizens. Doctors work around the clock. There are still enough beds. We provide medicines to our medical institutions

Igor Terekhov

At the same time, the mayor added, electricity, gas and water supply in the city did not stop:

Today, Kharkiv is almost full of water. The city of Kharkiv, in addition to destroyed houses, is warm. Kharkiv with gas, partly with electricity (where possible). Our public utilities are coming out and reconstructing everything that the aggressor’s army did under fire

Igor Terekhov

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