The Brick Museum

The Brick Museum is dedicated to preserving the cultural and historical past of Odessa and the vibrant brick industry which created it.

Address: 58, Novoselskogo street

Someone collects stamps, coins, cards, and someone collects bricks. Why not? Like old tablets, bricks are of considerable interest as a local history material, because you can tell the history of the city.

The creation was initiated by the famous Odessa local historian Alexander Fridman. However, not everything is included in the collection; Alexander collects stamped bricks. Therefore, it is more correct to call this business “museum of epigraphy” (epigraphy studies ancient inscriptions).

The museum displays brick samples that were produced both in Odessa and its environs in the 19th – early 19th centuries, XX century and imported from outside. The collection is constantly updated, and now there are more than 150 items.

The most unusual exhibit: Scottish brick STARWORKS GLENBOIG

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