The champion of Ukraine in Cossack style karate is an Odessa rescuer

Vitaly Mishin, a worker of the Odessa headquarters of the State Emergency Service, became the champion of Ukraine in “horting”, the national martial art of Cossacks.

The tournament was held from June 17 to June 19 in Kyiv. Mishin, the driver of the special purpose rescue squad, took first place in the “self-defense technique” section.

Horting was founded by the international master of sports in karate Eduard Eremenko – as a purely national Cossack single combat. According to the athlete, the roots of this sport are from the island of Khortytsya. However, the technique and rules of horting are very similar to full contact karate (kickboxing) and kyokushin karate with the addition of judo and combat sambo techniques. In fact, Eremenko was previously a master of Kyokushinkai.