The “Come Back Alive” Foundation and the Turkish company Baykar agreed on cooperation

The “Come Back Alive” Foundation and the Turkish company Baykar have officially announced their cooperation. On Wednesday, August 3, the directors of the organizations Haluk Bayraktar and Taras Chmut signed a partnership memorandum in Istanbul. This was announced on the foundation’s website.

“”Come back alive” reaches a new systemic level of work with international partners. As an institution, we are aware that the Russian-Ukrainian war, unfortunately, will not end tomorrow, and that is why we are aiming for consistent “long-term work”. On February 24, everything changed, and we woke up in a new reality around us. From now on, not only the state is a player at the international level of the country’s armaments, but also such Foundations as ours. And we are ready to join in this and provide a shoulder of support to the state, including with products for military purposes,” says the Director of the Foundation, Taras Chmut.

Meanwhile, Haluk Bayraktar, director of the Baykar company, which produces such strike UAVs as Bayraktar TB2 and Bayraktar Akinci, emphasized:

“Our development and people-oriented culture play a leading role in helping Ukraine and the Come Back Alive Foundation.” We have something to give each other in this cooperation, we are sure that with joint efforts, we will reach new horizons, first of all, the demonstration of humanity and the victory of Ukraine.”

All the details of the future interaction of the parties are currently not disclosed. However, the partners agreed on implementing best practices and international standards for the development of cooperation and the involvement of other representatives in such collaboration. The “Come Back Alive” Foundation and the Baykar company emphasize in one voice that they plan to provide each other with comprehensive support for developing cooperation and implementing new joint projects.

“We are ready to work 24/7, we are ready to invest all our efforts and resources, and we are grateful to every person who donates to our Foundation. Thanks to such conscientious people, we can protect Ukraine and our future,” added Taras Chmut.

We will remind you that on July 26 this year, the Fund announced the purchase and transfer to the Ukrainian military of the Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aircraft complex, with a total cost of 16,502,450 US dollars. This project became the largest in the history of “Come Back Alive” and a precedent for Ukrainian philanthropy: before that, no foundation engaged in helping the military had purchased attack drones. For the agreement to become possible, in March 2022 the Fund received permission to import goods for military purposes.

Baykar is a world-famous Turkish military company producing UAVs since 2000. Before that, from its foundation in 1986, the enterprise concentrated on producing automobile spare parts, but later this direction was supplanted by the construction of unmanned aircraft complexes. Baykar is currently creating UAVs for both domestic and foreign markets. The company is known, in particular, for such impact drones as Bayraktar TB2 and Bayraktar Akinci.

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