The company of russian tanks became a trophy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Chernihiv region

All vehicles were in good condition, our military already uses them to fight the invaders.

Today, one of the Armed Forces of Ukraine units, subordinated to the Operational Command “North”, conducted a successful battle with the overwhelming forces of the enemy. As a result of this battle, our military seized 10 tanks at once, an anti-aircraft missile system of an unnamed type and a combat repair and evacuation vehicle.

This was reported by the press service of the Operational Command “North” on its Facebook page.

This is the first known case when our army at one time took such a large number of enemy tanks as a trophy – a company set of 10 tanks. For comparison – according to some data, so far the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already used 70 trophy tanks.

SAM and BREM – also a “nice bonus”. It seems that in this episode the trophy of our military was SAM “Thor”. Today there were reports in open sources that a complex of this type fell into the hands of soldiers of the Armed Forces in Chernihiv region. It may soon become known how much the Russian Armed Forces were able to strengthen their air defense and support forces thanks to racist trophies.

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