The current operational situation in the south of Ukraine

The situation on the line of fire is steadily tense, but under the control of the defense forces.

The enemy continues the tactics of artillery and mortar shelling and attacks by volley fire systems on our positions and settlements with civilians. The enemy is not active, strengthens his defenses, and passes insidious roads and the banks of the Ingulets River.

Missile strikes continue in the Odessa region. On the morning of the 2nd, the Onyx cruise missiles were fired from the BAL coastal missile system in the temporarily occupied Crimea. Above the sea, they were accurately shot down by an air defense unit.

At night, trying to regain lost ground, the occupiers continued to fire on neighboring regions from the territory of the Kherson region with multiple rocket launchers “Tornado” and “Hurricane” hit the Kryvyi Rih region and Mykolayiv. No one was injured in the shelling.

By destroying supermarkets, and urban and suburban infrastructure, the occupying forces continue to try to intimidate the local population and prove their superiority.

Meanwhile, our units, performing fire tasks, including missile and artillery weapons, removed 16 racists from the lists and reduced the enemy army by 1 tank and another 6 units of armored vehicles and vehicles.

And in the area of ​​Nikolaevka in the Kherson region, from a portable anti-aircraft missile complex, 1 enemy helicopter without possibilities of repeated use is grounded.

The counter-terrorist operation declared by the Russians in early March in the northwestern part of the Black Sea has no meaning, no meaning, no end. Thus, the occupiers justify the blockade of Ukrainian ports and the readiness of four missiles and three large landing ships. 32 naval-based cruise missiles continue to keep the missile threat relevant.

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