The current operational situation in the South of Ukraine

The enemy continues to conduct insidious combat operations, in particular, in the Kherson and Mykolayiv regions.

Reactive systems of volley fire “Hurricane” densely covered the night in Mykolaiv region. The sports complex, the hospital, the school, the kindergarten, the private courtyards, office buildings, the industrial enterprise – all these facilities have nothing to do with the military infrastructure, but they are damaged and in some places destroyed. There are no civilian casualties.

Having no chance to advance and intensify the offensive, the russians tell their relatives in telephone conversations the legends of the Chornobayivka “purgatory”, which they are already afraid to visit.

Supporting the legend, Ukrainian missile and artillery units hit enemy positions 25 times that night alone. Enemy losses are being clarified.

The situation in the Odessa region is stable and under control. The composition of the Russian naval group in the Black Sea does not change significantly. It continues to carry the threat of missile strikes, and enemy activity around Snake Island is closely monitored.

In Transnistria, enemy forces continue to provoke provocations: an attempt to set fire to a military enlistment office in Tiraspol and a fake attack on an oil depot have been recorded. The escalation of the situation should be the basis for accusing Ukraine of encroaching on the territory of the unrecognised republic.

But the orderly activities and defense system of the border areas on the Ukrainian side testify to the absurdity of such accusations.

Counter-sabotage measures in the region are systematic and successful, and reliable state border protection is provided.

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