The current operational situation in the South of Ukraine

Along the contact line, our units in the Kherson and Mykolayiv regions hold their positions firmly, ready to move east.

Realizing the distribution of forces and the invincibility of Ukrainians, the enemy from the occupied territories mercilessly covers the Mykolaiv direction with volley fire systems, trying to intimidate and inflict painful damage with banned cluster munitions of indiscriminate action. Private houses, agricultural facilities were damaged, and the power supply of one of the settlements was disrupted. There is no information about the victims.

In the Kherson region, both cases of use of enemy Orlan-10 unmanned aerial vehicles ended with the hitting and neutralization of spies.

In total, our missile and artillery units, aircraft of the Air Force and the Land Forces defeated more than 90 targets in enemy positions during the day.

The total losses of the aggressor are 79 persons, 12 units of equipment, including howitzers, automobiles and armored vehicles.

In the Odessa region, psychological pressure on the population continues. Dniester Bridge again was attacked by missiles.

The southern Defense Forces are ready to counter. Ukraine’s borders have been strengthened and comprehensive measures have been taken.

The threat of missile strikes from the temporarily occupied Crimea, from the air with the use of aircraft, and from the sea, where the enemy naval group, equipped with cruise missiles, remains.

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