The “Danube Grain Route” project is being launched in Ukraine

The Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company is launching the “Danube Grain Route” project after Russia’s withdrawal from the “Grain Initiative”.

This was announced by the General Director of the UDP, Dmytro Moskalenko on Facebook.

“Back in the summer, we predicted that the Russian Federation could try to disrupt the “Grain Initiative” at any moment. Therefore, we persistently and systematically developed our project “Danube Grain Route,” he wrote.

It is noted that UDP invested in creating its own grain transshipment facility and agreed with the Romanian company TTS on a faster and more efficient transshipment scheme at the port of Constanța.

Moskalenko added that the “Danube grain route” is already starting to work. In this way, we are talking about safe and guaranteed delivery of agricultural products from the river port immediately to the sea vessel of large tonnage. Logistics communication will be carried out and controlled by the UDP.

Ships will also be equipped with online control systems, and video surveillance, and the number of shipmasters in the crew will increase. This will enable the barge caravan to make up to two monthly trips.

At the project’s second stage, the construction of new barges is envisaged. Also, the modernization of traction will begin in the near future – the overhaul of the self-propelled fleet with the replacement of engines.

“Not only we, the UDP, understand that the development of Danube logistics is an extremely important component of Ukraine’s economic security. We are watching how some Ukrainian private operators actively invest and develop logistics infrastructure on the Danube. These powerful market players have seen the future for more than a year. Which is confirmation that we have chosen the right course. Investments in the “Danube Grain Route” strengthen the country’s potential and the key to the success of our company.”

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