The destruction of Irpen was shown from a drone

Irpin was liberated from Russian invaders on March 28, 2022.

By the materials of Unian, photo: Vladimir Ivanov

Irpen in the Kyiv region was one of the first to suffer at the hands of the Russian invaders, who invaded Ukraine with a full-scale war on the night of February 24, 2022.

On March 28, Irpin was liberated from the Russians, but the consequences of large-scale destruction in the city are still visible.

This is how Irpin looked from a drone on May 28, 2022.

According to the mayor of Irpen, Alexander Markushin, 70% of the city was damaged during a month of fierce fighting.

Nevertheless, people are already starting to gradually return to the city, where restoration work is now being actively carried out.

In particular, Irpen has already been 100% superficially examined by sappers. However, bomb experts warn that “surprises” from the occupiers can still be found throughout the city, including in apartments, so people who return home are urged not to touch suspicious items and immediately contact specialists.

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