The Docudays UA documentary film festival on human rights will be held in June

Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival will be held on June 2-8, 2023.

This is already the 20th-anniversary festival. The focus will be on “understanding the prospects of the future”.

“Last year was an extremely difficult challenge. We had to make a festival while we were losing people who were dear to our hearts, professional colleagues dedicated to our cause, with whom we had been through fire and water, special friends of the festival who were defending Ukraine and who are no longer with us. However hard it is, we are heading forward. Our fuel is our audience’s love for the festival. This year we are going to have plans A, B, C. As many options as we might need. There is some good news for Ukrainian filmmakers as well: we will soon launch an open call. We are a bit sad to let go of our favourite March, but we look with hope at warmer and hopefully more amicable June. In 2023, we will talk about the future and shared vision, about cities and rebuilding, about our victory,” comments Viktoria Leshchenko, Programme Director of Docudays UA, about the organisation’s decision and thematic focus.

The festival program includes film screenings, Rights Now! and Docu/synthesis, events of the film industry, and the “War Archive” (a project launched in 2022).

The jubilee documentary film festival on human rights Docudays UA will be held in the “Zhovten” cinema.

Docudays UA has been organizing documentary film festivals for 19 years in a row. In November 2022, the “State of Emergency” festival weekend was held in the “Zhovten” cinema. Two films opened it by the Lithuanian director Mantas Kvedaravicius – “Mariupolis” and “Mariupolis 2”.