The documentary film “The First 100 Days of the War in Ukraine” was screened in Georgia

Journalists and operators of the Georgian television company “Rustavi 2” worked for three months in the hottest spots in Ukraine. They chronologically covered the events of the war in the news and collected materials for a documentary film, which was later called “The First 100 Days of the War in Ukraine.”

It was shown in one of the cinemas in Tbilisi. It documents the first hundred days of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine and presents Georgian journalists’ accounts of what they saw.

Every place we were in was important. There was no strategic object at practically any point that we photographed, but residential buildings, playgrounds, and schools were bombed and completely destroyed there – recalls Rustavi 2 journalist Salome Bokuchava. – My operator and I were in several regions of Ukraine, but the most important was the Donetsk region, where the situation was the most difficult at that time. The film included footage shot in Bakhmut. We entered this city at the moment when it was bombed. We decided together that, despite the danger, it was necessary to film everything to have one more piece of evidence in the court cases against Russia. We were also at a historic court hearing at which a Russian soldier who killed a civilian in the Sumy region was convicted. This was the first sentence of the Russian military in Ukraine. All these episodes were included in the film.

The reality is one and it reflects the frame. Nothing conveys reality better than a frame. That is why we wanted to show the video materials that are in this film, – says the director of the media holding Vakho Avaliani. – The main thing is to remind the world that what is happening in Ukraine started even earlier in Georgia. With this film, they tried to show everyone what unites Ukraine and Georgia.

After the film screening, “Rustavi 2” journalist David Kakulia said that the main shots he will shoot about the Russian-Ukrainian war are yet to come and will be shots of Ukraine’s victory.

The screening of the film “The First 100 Days of the War in Ukraine” is timed to the 30th anniversary of the restoration of diplomatic relations between Georgia and Ukraine.

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