“The Earthly and the Heavenly”- New Year collection by Yalanzhi Objects

On the eve of the New Year, Ukrainian designer Yulia Yalanzhi, born in Odessa, creates the “The Earthly and the Heavenly” project. This collection of Christmas tree decorations with in-depth content raises the themes of folk culture, national unity, family values, caring for friends and the environment.

The objects are created by hand, that is, they are unlike each other, unique and full of lively energy. Their appearance has a symbolic meaning and draws us to the traditions and rituals of distant ancestors.

Designer ornaments are an eco-alternative to mass decor and an opportunity to decorate a Christmas tree with real art objects. Like other brand items, the products from this limited collection are durable, do not require special care, but will be grateful for careful storage – only to please you and your loved ones for many years.

The materials of the figurines and the packaging are entirely eco-friendly.

Symbolic forms of objects tell about the traditions of our ancestors and about the connection between man and nature. It is very valuable and important for us not to lose this connection today. We want to not only decorate your homes, but also remind you of eternal values.

Yulia Yalanzhi, the founder of Yalanzhi Objects

The first piece of the set is a figure of a ram. According to ancient chronicles, they were produced in every family. They sculpted delicacies from rye dough and baked them for the holidays, including Christmas and Koliada (traditional Slavic name for the period from Christmas to Epiphany). According to beliefs, these animalistic figures were a strong talisman, protected houses from evil heavenly forces and brought earthly happiness to the owners: a ram – abundance, a bull – fertility, a horse – success in business, a deer – the warmth of life.

The second item in the set is a Christmas ball. It has the shape of ribbed seeds, a nut, a bone, which reflects the idea of ​​flourishing in life, an appeal to the historical past, to its roots, and is a symbol of national identity. The past year was not easy for all of us – Yalanzhi Objects sincerely wishes to gain strength and strengthen herself next year thanks to her faith.

Rye, as a person, must strengthen and gain strength of earth and sky, withstanding heat, frost, wind and rain. The collection of symbolic Christmas eco-decorations “The Earthly and the Heavenly” is our Christmas present, together with which we wish you to be strengthened by faith and bring prosperity to your home.

Yulia Yalanzhi, the founder of Yalanzhi Objects

The collection “The Earthly and the Heavenly” is not only about caring for our relatives, but also about protecting our planet. This project draws attention to meaningful consumption, respect for nature. Christmas decorations and packaging are made from bio-based materials or recycled materials. The figures are made of cellulose; the decorative box is made of mushroom mycelium and hemp, the New Year’s card is made of fallen autumn leaves. Such things are pleasant to touch, they exude natural aromas.

YALANZHI OBJECTS endows its copyright objects with special meaning: design is not just beauty, but also an opportunity to share your own philosophy and find those who share it, it is to tell the closest people about your values. Our whole life is built on memories, desires and faith. Let these Christmas tree decorations be New Year’s decor and a strong amulet for the whole family.