The enemy retreated from many positions, some invaders are looking for ways to surrender – General Staff

The armed forces of Ukraine are giving a decent rebuff and are holding back the offensive of the Russian occupation forces in all directions. On Thursday, March 10, our defenders forced the enemy to retreat in several directions.

This was reported in the General Staff of the APU. It is noted that the Ukrainian military forced the occupier to withdraw to unfavorable positions in the Polesie and Volyn areas. In addition, the settlement of Baklanov Muraveika in the Seversky direction was liberated from the Russian invaders.

The Russian invaders were stopped in all other directions. The enemy suffered significant losses both in personnel and in weapons and equipment.

Therefore, the invaders switched to another tactic – spreading misinformation and propaganda through all available information channels. Using cybercriminals and its national media, the enemy is actively spreading fakes that our state’s leadership has allegedly accepted the terms of the Russian Federation and calls on the Ukrainian military to lay down its arms.

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