The European Union allocates 17.4 million euros for digital changes in Ukraine

The aid is intended, in particular, to introduce accessible public services.

As part of the “Digital Transformation for Ukraine” project, the EU will allocate EUR 17.4 million in aid to Ukraine. The Ministry of Digital Transformation reported this on Telegram.

These funds should go to the introduction of efficient and accessible public services, as well as help to respond to the challenges of a full-scale war quickly, the Ministry of Digital Affairs said in a statement.

Financial aid from the EU will be aimed at:

  • development of digital services and Diia application;
  • improvement of data exchange between registers and state institutions;
  • development of electronic identification infrastructure;
  • improvement of the system of electronic management of criminal cases.

It is reported that the project will be headed by the Estonian Academy of Electronic Management, which has been cooperating with the Ukrainian public sector for 12 years and helps implement e-services.

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