The first echolocation images of the sunken “Moscow”

The Russian cruiser “Moscow” (Moskva), which Ukrainian Neptunes hit on April 13, lies at the bottom of the Black Sea. Now the first echolocation images of the ex-flagship of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation have appeared on the Internet.

They were published by “Dumskaya” in telegram.

Odessa dive instructor Rostislav Kurochkin noted that the cruiser sank to the bottom on the port side. This corresponds to the statement of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation about the loss of stability and to the pictures where the “Moscow” leaned precisely to the left side.

“Judging by the location of the wreckage, the ship’s hull broke before hitting bottom, which indicates damage to the power set in the superstructure area,” adds the driver.

No less interesting is the second picture, which shows the wreckage of the Mi-26 helicopter lying not far from the cruiser. It was probably used in an attempt to extinguish a fire on a ship and went down with it, although there were no statements about the loss of helicopters of this type from the Russian Federation.

There is no reliable information about who studied the bottom of the Black Sea. But the photos are strikingly reminiscent of the German Atlas Electronik CSU 90 active sonar. Only Dolphin submarines of the Israeli Navy are equipped with such equipment in the region.

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