The first Queer Filmfest in Ukraine will take place in June

The first-ever Queer film festival will be held in Ukraine in June. This was reported by Variety. The festival will be organized by the authors of the out-of-competition program of the Molodist Film Festival – “Sunny Bunny”.

“Perhaps it is a bit stereotypical to hold it in June, since it is Pride Month, but it will give us more time to prepare,” said festival programmer Bohdan Zhuk.

He noted that the event would continue to be a part of the Molodist Film Festival in one form or another.

“War is unpredictable, so you must adapt and be flexible. When we did Molodist in December, there were blackouts, so we needed generators. We also had to plan where people would hide in case of shelling, plan shelters in cinemas or nearby metro stations,” he added.

According to Zhuk, “Sunny Bunny” was inspired by the Berlin Film Festival’s Teddy Award, and its goal is to represent the queer community in all its diversity adequately. The festival will also touch on the topic of LGBT+ people at war.

“It’s very important to talk about queer people in the military. They’re out there fighting. Lately, especially since the invasion, a lot of military volunteers and others have come out publicly,” he said.

Zhuk added that it is now vital to create even more space for the queer community and make a variety of films on this topic: “We are tired of all these films and stories that revolve around the acceptance of a queer character by someone else. We want something different: we want fun. We don’t want a tragedy. We’re done with it.”

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