The Free World Gathering event on August 24

We cannot gather together at home so as not to become a target for enemy missiles, so let’s rally Ukrainians abroad and the whole world too! We call on all those who aspire to a free world for themselves and others in all countries and on all continents to unite on the Independence Day of Ukraine.On August 24, we will take to the central streets of the cities and join hands to form human chains. We will show everyone that freedom is our mutual highest value; liberty is our way of thinking. Join us!

To participate in the event:

• Go to the site and mark the exact place on the central street where you will stand on this day, or join those who have already done it. You can find the link in the profile header.

• Repost this post with the hashtag #TheFreeWorldGathering. Tell everyone where you will stand on this day and call your freedom-loving friends from all over the world so that as many people as possible support Ukraine.

• On August 24 at 7:00 p.m., come to the place of your choice and hold hands with those around you.

• Make a video and tell the world why you are participating in #TheFreeWorldGathering and what freedom means to you.

Each of us is a part of the great free world and the driver of positive change. If you think the same way, see you on August 24!

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