The FROLOV brand presented the lookbook of the new Hot Couture collection

The FROLOV brand presented the lookbook of the new Hot Couture collection, which included 24 looks. All outfits are made with couture techniques and embody the mood of the brand and the themes that Ivan Frolov always explores: sexuality, sensuality, provocation and breaking the rules.

The key couture elements of the collection are hand embroidery with ostrich feathers, swan down and rooster feathers; work with lace with floral motifs, embroidered with metallic thread; work with lace with a plant motif, embroidered with metallized thread; gold and white gold bitty embroidery, mirror sequins in the shape of a flower, crystal, glass beads and pearls. At the same time, FROLOV remains true to its principle of not limiting outfits to “one way”.

The cuts on the dresses characteristic of the brand have acquired even more unpredictable forms and embodiments. For example, in a wedding dress made of pale pink lace, a seductive heart-shaped neckline is located on the buttocks.

FROLOV’s natural silk and gold-embroidered undergarments can be worn both casually and couture-to-wear. And the brand recommends wearing dresses and two-piece suits made of black lace on the naked body.

In the new couture collection, the designer also played an important role in the upcycling technique of vintage items: a ring in the shape of a rose made of wood became a choker, a handbag was made from a sconce, and the basis of the new one was a vintage fur coat from Ivan Frolov’s family wardrobe.

Model Maria Melnyk tried on the outfits for the lookbook, and photographer Vitya Bakin was the author of the pictures. Anastasia Gutnyk was responsible for styling, and Kateryna Tokareva and Yuliya Stets for makeup and hair.

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