The general named two probable directions of the invasion of the army of Belarus

Russia can use the territory of Belarus both for its re-invasion and for attacking the troops of this country.

General, ex-deputy secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Serhiy Krivonos, spoke about this, RBC-Ukraine reports.

According to him, the aggressor country is now “actively working on” the Lukashenko regime and tightly controls the Belarusian army’s mood. The general admits that Lukashenko’s troops can independently launch an offensive in two directions.

I think that directly in the Volyn and Rivne directions they can do it on their own at the expense of those units and units they have. But the issue is that a fairly large number of the armed forces of Belarus are not very willing to participate in this aggression

Serhiy Krivonos

According to Krivonos, in case of an order to invade Ukraine, many Belarusian militaries will surrender.

On June 25, a massive missile and bomb attack was carried out on the territory of Ukraine from the territory of Belarus. Ukrainian intelligence believes that this was a large-scale provocation by the Russian Federation to involve Belarus in the war against Ukraine.

Later, President Vladimir Zelensky addressed the Belarusians and warned that Alexander Lukashenko was dragging them into the war.

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