The Gold Train: Ukrzaliznytsia wants to nationalise Medvedchuk’s luxury train

By the materials & photos Slidstvo.Info

On the territory of Viktor Medvedchuk’s magnificent palace in Pushcha-Vodytsya, where Slidstvo.Info visited the other day, there is something big, covered with a green camouflage net. It looks like a greenhouse or conservatory. Looking under the camouflage net, you can see a real railway platform, and on the platform – a dining car. It seems that Russian President Putin’s godfather Viktor Medvedchuk did not want this car to catch anyone’s eye – if, for example, the estate is taken down by journalists from a drone.

It is unknown where Medvedchuk is now, he escaped from house arrest in the first days after Russia’s attack on Ukraine. His wife, Oksana Marchenko, is now in Moscow, according to the latest video she published.

“We pass under a camouflage net and find ourselves on a real railway platform. There are rails, waiting benches and even clocks and lanterns. Above the platform hangs the name of the station – “Dalnaya”.

“On the rails is a blue dining car with the inscription in large gold letters “Pullman”. This is the name of a company that produces luxury cars and railroad cars. Such Pullman dining cars were popular in the last century, when wealthy Europeans traveled by rail.”

The dining car is located on a reclaimed railway platform, allegedly presented to Medvedchuk by his wife Oksana Marchenko for his birthday.

“At first, we thought that the Medvedchuk family had ordered this car from Pullman and checked its price – luxury custom cars cost up to $ 2.5 million. Later we learned that hundreds made the car of Ukrainian craftsmen, the designers simply “borrowed” sketches from the luxury brand “Pullman”.

The luxury car is planned to be used to transport children or people with limited mobility. Inside there is the main hall for 40 people, several separate rooms, kitchen, VIP-compartment and toilet.

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