“The Great Restoration” comes to Odessa

“The Great Restoration” programme is designed for 2021-2023 and aims to turn the objects of material cultural heritage into one of the main resources of Ukraine’s development.

On October 20, the expert council of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine selected 26 buildings to supplement the list of restoration. Among them are the Odessa Regional Philharmonic Theatre, the Odessa Fine Art Museum, and the Museum of Western and Eastern Art. This was announced by the Ukrainian Minister of Culture Oleksandr Tkachenko on his Facebook page.

Odessa Regional Philharmonic Theatre

Allocation of subventions for utilities is a step forward. After all, “The Great Restoration” is about objects all over Ukraine. Some of the cultural monuments are in communal ownership, but this does not diminish their value and the need for repair and restoration work.

The programme needs to be expanded, and today’s approval by the budget committee of the allocation of the subvention to local budgets for restoration work on local monuments supports this long-term goal—comprehensive preservation of Ukrainian heritage.