The GUNIA Project brand presented the collection “Rooster”, dedicated to the resilience of the Ukrainian people

The collection includes earrings, pendants and brooches in the form of a rooster.

Borodyanka, Kyiv region, was liberated from the Russian invaders at the beginning of April. Constant bombardments of the Russian army effectively wiped the entire village from the ground – only rubble remained of some houses. Then a photo of one of the destroyed high-rise buildings spread worldwide. The photo shows that nothing remains of the apartment where a Ukrainian family once lived. Miraculously, only the kitchen cabinet, together with a ceramic jug in the shape of a rooster survived.

Borodyanka, Kyiv region

“Take an example from the shelf,” – the kitchen cabinet began to be compared with the resilience of the Ukrainian people, who have been heroically resisting the Russian invasion for the sixth month.

This story inspired the founders of the GUNIA Project brand, Maria Gavrilyuk and Natasha Kamenska, to release a collection. Collection received the symbolic name “Rooster”. It includes earrings, pendants and brooches in the form of a rooster of various sizes, made of gold-plated silver

The pendants also come with chains and a linen cord. In addition to accessories, the collection is complemented by a ceramic candle in the shape of a rooster.

This year’s school graduates were the faces of the campaign. Each of them shared their goals for the future with the team.


“I studied at specialized school No. 106. I don’t know where to go next and which university to choose, but I definitely want to stay in Ukraine. I dream of passing exams, celebrating graduation and entering university. But now my strongest desire is the end of the war and the opportunity to return home,” – Victoria, 17 years old, Kyiv city.


“I plan to study at Ivan Franko Lviv National University. In general, the war did not change my goals and desires, I want to travel and see the world, get to know new cultures and people. I want the whole world to hear about Ukraine, its power and its beauty. And, of course, I just want to be happy,” – Vladislava, 17 years old.

“This year, I graduated from Chernihiv Lyceum No. 22. At the moment, most of all, I want to enter Drahomanov University. Until February 24, my life was very bright, you could say, it was just starting to gain momentum. At that time, I began to record my first songs, prepared for external examinations, became actively interested in basketball and had an unforgettable vacation with friends from all school and life problems. At the moment, my wishes have not changed: I still want to continue making music, study, and play basketball in my free time, but one wish is much higher than the others – the dream of hearing the long-awaited phrase “YAY! WE WON!” – Artem, 17 years old, Chernihiv city.


The GUNIA Project compares graduates’ resilience to the Borodyanka rooster’s endurance.

We believe that our future will be incredibly bright. Our resistance and support for each other, our unity are the qualities that Ukraine is endowed with. We defend our right to happiness and rebuild our state. Yes, every Ukrainian now feels pain, but everyone is fighting and believes in our Victory!

GUNIA Project

10% of the proceeds from the collection sale will be used to restore a school in the village of Kolychivka in Chernihiv region.

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