The invaders have disabled communication and the Internet in Kherson region and part of Zaporizhzhia region

At first, residents of Kherson region and a part of Zaporizhzhia region experienced disruptions of online connection and mobile communication yesterday, then these services disappeared altogether at a considerable area. We know at the moment that the disconnection is caused by line breakages at fiber optic backbones and by a power outage with service operators’ equipment in these regions.

The troubles, having occurred at the same time with all mobile service operators and terrestrial Internet service providers, are no other than another enemy attempt to leave Ukrainians without access to the true information on developments in the war waged by russia against Ukraine; and to make their false propaganda an uncontested source of information, just like it is done in russia.

Kremlin henchmen are determined to provide their boss with at least some kind of “victory” he can feed to his electorate. Unable to achieve success in the battlefield, they are desperately looking for a way out. Creating so-called “people’s republics” is one such way out.

However, the chances of creating a so-called “Kherson People’s Republic” in the current circumstances are rather slim. Notwithstanding the ongoing aggression, tear gas and gunshots, Ukrainians are still coming out into the streets for pro-Ukrainian protests. It is only due to communication that they have been feeling support from all of Ukraine.

No wonder that right after communication was disabled, the enemy media started to spread fake news saying that it was Ukrainian Government that ordered to shut the connection off. This is a lie, because we have always stood for maximum access to any means of communication for all Ukrainians. The National Centre for Operations and Technology Management of Telecommunications Networks (NTNOC) under the SSSCIP repeatedly voiced the Government’s standpoint both prior to the war and after the invasion started: telecom operators should provide Ukrainians with communications and access to information.

Disabling Ukrainian communications, just like introducing the aggressor country’s currency and forcing to pay taxes to occupant’s formations, are intended to make at least an appearance of a new quasi-state for Russian domestic consumption. Against this background, they are planning to feed the fake results of a possible fake referendum to the Russian populace.

Ukraine will never leave its citizens alone. Just like our defenders have driven the enemy troops out of Kyiv, Sumy and Chernihiv regions, they will do the same in the rest of our land. All the territories under occupation within the internationally recognized borders of Ukraine will be liberated.

Now we beg all Ukrainians staying under occupation to move out to other regions as soon as an opportunity arises. Please be careful and do not put yourselves in danger.

You can still be in touch with Ukraine. Even though the occupants have disabled terrestrial broadcasting, telecommunication and the Internet, you can use your old receivers to listen to the radio on the medium waveband (1278, 1404, 873, 657 kHz). Ukrainian channels are decoded via satellite:

  • satellite: Hotbird 13,
  • frequency: 11,219 MHz,
  • polarization: H (horizontal),
  • symbol rate: 29,900,
  • error correction: FEC 3/5.

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