The invaders put a weapon to the woman’s head, demanding to recognize Kherson as “Russian”, but she did not give up

Russian invaders continue to commit war crimes against civilians in Ukraine. They mock people, putting weapons to their heads and forcing them to call our cities “Russian”.

Such a case happened to a Ukrainian woman who was passing by the checkpoint of the occupiers. The situation on Twitter was described by the head of the human rights organization “Center for Civil Liberties” Oleksandra Matviychuk

Probably, the situation took place in the Kherson region. It was retold by the husband of the victim Dmitry Shilin.

According to him, a Russian patrol stopped a woman in a car. She was asked for her passport, and then they put a machine gun to her face and said: “Say that Kherson is Russia.”

“The wife replied: “Kherson is Ukraine. I am proud of her and love her,” the man stressed.

In the pictures that he provided, traces of the pointed weapon are visible on the face and neck of the Ukrainian woman. Also, the woman, who was not afraid to give a verbal rebuff to the invaders, had her jacket sleeve torn.

The Russian military, having been taken prisoner, all as one claim that they did not know that the command sent them to Ukraine to attack our cities and kill civilians. However, situations such as the one described above are evidence of the lies of the occupiers, who, having invaded foreign territory, not only shell civilian infrastructure but also loot cities and villages, mock innocent residents and kill them, including children.

This is also confirmed by the intercepted conversations of the Russian military with relatives. In them, they admit that the command allowed everyone to shoot indiscriminately – and it does not matter that the car has a sign “Do not shoot. Children.”

In a conversation with his wife another Russian military man who came to fight in Ukraine confessed to killing Ukrainian civilians. He also told how the invaders are engaged in looting in the captured Ukrainian settlements.

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