The Italian Embassy in Ukraine remains fully operational

Message to the Italian residents in Ukraine from the the Embassy of the Italian Republic to Kyiv.

  • The Italian Embassy in Kiev remains fully operational. To strengthen support for fellow countrymen, extraordinary openings have also been arranged on weekends from Sunday 13 February for the provision of consular services for the benefit of Italians. In case of need, an Embassy emergency number is available 24 hours a day (+380 50 310 2111), which is added to the e-mail addresses of our offices, which are constantly monitored.
  • In consideration of the current situation, in close coordination with the EU partners and the Crisis Unit of the Farnesina, it was decided as a precaution to invite compatriots to temporarily leave the country with the commercial means available. It was also recommended that all non-essential travel to Ukraine be postponed.
  • If present in the country for any reason, as already recommended in recent weeks, compatriots are invited to register on the site “dovesiamonelmondo” and download the “Crisis Unit” APP.
  • Every Italian citizen, registered in the Italian Registry of Residents Abroad (AIRE), or simply passing through, can indicate the location of their residence on a map, as well as an emergency telephone number and the contact of a person of trust.
  • This will allow the Crisis Unit to know in real time the position and presence of fellow countrymen in the country, facilitating communications and any assistance operations in case of need.
  • The social profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and the website of the Headquarters are constantly updated. In recent weeks, in conjunction with the Farnesina, we have disseminated information to all Italians who are in Ukraine, including by sending massive SMS messages on the cellular devices of fellow countrymen – and we will continue to do so to communicate any updates in real time. relating to safety conditions.
  • In renewing the importance of reporting one’s presence on “dovesiamonelmondo” and through the “Crisis Unit” APP, we will continue to make every effort to protect the interests of our compatriots, who can always count on full support and on the constant attention of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation through the Embassy and the Crisis Unit.