The Kremlin began preparations for Putin’s new presidential term

Putin’s new election campaign will be built around “anti-Western” narratives.

The administration of Russian President Vladimir Putin began to prepare for the presidential campaign in 2024, the winner of which should again be the current leader of the Russian Federation. The Russian edition of Meduza writes about this, citing its own sources.

According to the publication, the internal political bloc of the Putin administration has begun holding meetings on the 2024 presidential campaign. Such meetings are attended by officials and political technologists cooperating with the Kremlin.

Sources claim that the Kremlin understands only the general “outlines” of the upcoming elections at the current stage. However, it is already quite clear that “the campaign will be for Vladimir Putin.” One of the publication’s interlocutors stressed that “we are not talking about any other candidates.”

It is planned that Putin’s “sparring partners” will be representatives of parliamentary parties.

“There will be no liberal candidates even for appearances,” the source said.

At the same time, another interlocutor of the publication, close to the administration of the President of the Russian Federation, said that usually the Kremlin begins to prepare for presidential elections about a year and a half before voting day. It traditionally takes place on the second Sunday in March. Usually, the Kremlin determines the “outlines” of the campaign, and then selects political technologists who will be “responsible” for voting in the regions. After that, “mobilization nets” are built in the regions, where they decide who will “gather” state employees and other voters loyal to the authorities. Approximately in the same time frame, the final ideological strategy of the campaign is determined.

At the same time, what is clear so far is that Putin’s new election campaign will be built around “anti-Western” narratives. Putin, as always, will talk about “the return of Russia’s greatness, the fight against the West and the multipolar world.”

However, the Kremlin’s domestic political bloc believes that the response among the population to such narratives will not be high.

“This is not something that worries the voter, but something interesting to the president himself,” the interlocutor of the publication explained

In addition, the Russian authorities hope to end the war in Ukraine before the presidential elections.

What will be declared a victory? It is necessary to go to the elections with achievements. For example, with some set of annexed territories. But what territories these will be is not yet clear,” one of the publication’s sources said.

At the same time, one of the political technologists cooperating with the Kremlin, in a conversation with the publication, expressed the opinion that the “most logical” and “most understandable” option would be not to hold elections in 2024 at all. He believes it would be more expedient to introduce martial law throughout Russia and postpone the vote.

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