The largest Ukrainian flag in the city was raised in Odessa

The highest flood pole in the city was installed in front of the Odessa airport, to celebrate the Day of the State Flag.

It was built as part of the Big Construction programme of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

The height of the flagpole is 50 meters. A flag measuring 6×8 meters was specially made for him.

The flagpole was erected in a symbolic place, on the central square of the airport Odessa, which is the air gateway not only to the Odessa region, but also to the entire south of the country. From now on, the State Flag of Ukraine will be visible from all access roads to the Odessa airport both day and night. And I want this large State flag of Ukraine to fly in the clear sky, under the bright sun, over the blooming, fertile land of the incomparable Odessa region.

Serhiy Hrynevetsky, Head of the Odessa Regional State Administration