The Malta Aid Service will set up a prosthetics workshop at the Nezlamni (Unbroken) rehabilitation center in Lviv

The Maltese Aid Service joins the National Rehabilitation Center “UNBROKEN” project in Lviv to help Ukrainians who lost their limbs during the war. In particular, the relevant memorandum on cooperation was signed today by the Maltese Aid Service, the Lviv City Council, and the First Medical Association of Lviv. It is preliminary about 1 million euros of investments.

Thus, thanks to the memorandum, a “prosthetics workshop” will be created in Lviv. For this, the Malta Aid Service has volunteered to provide equipment free of charge.

“Many thanks to the Malta Service for their cooperation.” In particular, it was supported by the Minister of Health of Ukraine, Viktor Lyashko. “Thanks to the partnership, we will soon have greater opportunities for prosthetics and care for our wounded.”

“Today, there is the First Medical Association of Lviv – these are huge areas, some of which have already been rebuilt. We receive the wounded every day and provide them with assistance. Our task is to provide the entire cycle: prosthetics, prosthetics production, all types of rehabilitation, and the opportunity for people to live and adapt to new conditions with prosthetics. We are talking about psychological, physical, and social rehabilitation. This entire complex will be collectively called the Nezlamni (Unbroken) rehabilitation ecosystem. Even when we opened houses for mothers in Lviv – they became part of the Nezlamni (Unbroken) ecosystem. Today, we are taking another step,” said Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovy.

The creation of the prosthetics workshop became possible, in particular, thanks to the support of the Minister of Health of Germany, to whom the project of the “UNBROKEN” National Rehabilitation Center was presented at the Donors’ Forum held at the beginning of the summer.

“The Maltese Service has been working in Ukraine for 32 years. From the first days of the full-scale war, we launched a large-scale aid campaign for Ukraine. And we understand that this will be a long-term project. After all, injured people who have lost their arms and legs will need help for a long period of their lives. This project will be financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany. We are thrilled that there is a high level of cooperation and trust and look forward to this joint work,” said Jeanine Litmayer, Programme Director of Malteser International.

In addition, thanks to the Malta Aid Service, the staff of the future prosthetics department is already training with the best orthopedic specialists in Germany.

“Medical personnel of the First Medical Association of Lviv are already studying in Germany. Our goal is that the doctors have already been trained to use the equipment when delivering the workshop. The department will consist of two parts: a room in the hospital where patients will be measured and taken, and a workshop where prostheses will be made,” emphasized Pavlo Titko, head of the Maltese Aid Service in Lviv.

The National Rehabilitation Center “UNBROKEN” will be the first center in Ukraine where 50,000 Ukrainians will be able to receive physical, psychological, and social rehabilitation every year. The patient will not only receive a prosthesis here but will also successfully return to a full life.

The first financial donors have already joined the project: ATB, Symfony Solutions, Space Art, PZU Ukraine Group and the Embassy of Switzerland to Ukraine. On the project’s presentation day, patrons collected more than 2 million euros. In July, a town for pregnant displaced women “Unbreakable Mothers” was opened as part of the ecosystem. Mothers with children who fled the war to Lviv already live here.