The marble toilet was stolen: the invaders looted a museum in Zaporizhia

Before the looting, the occupiers fired artillery at a cultural institution.

In the Zaporizhia region, the Russian invaders fired on the historical and architectural museum-reserve “Popov castle”, after which they stole exhibits from it.

The museum director, Anna Golovko announced the looting on her Facebook page.

“Popov castle” is the only castle building in the region. The palace was built in 1894.

According to her, the invaders broken windows and doors, and stole everything they could take with them.

“Everything that could be taken in hand and bags was taken away, office equipment was smashed and trampled, all doors were broken, windows were broken, everything that happened on the way was destroyed,” wrote Anna Golovko in despair.

Vlada Moroko, head of the Department of Culture and Information Policy of ZODA, noted that among the exhibits snatched by the occupiers from a cultural institution in the village of Vasylivtsi was even a marble toilet.

“For the first time, this toilet was stolen by the Bolsheviks. Later, one of the descendants of the thieves “returned” the artifact to the museum. And again, the newest invaders steal the ill-fated toilet !!! Why !!! I do not understand!!! Horde, just Horde !!! ” he reacted emotionally.

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