The mayor of Mykolaiv showed the consequences of the shelling

Mayor of Mykolaiv Alexander Senkevich showed the consequences of today’s city shelling.

“The Russian invaders once again shelled residential areas in two city districts. 2 high-rise buildings, 4 private houses and outbuildings were damaged. One person died, and another one was hospitalized, but the doctors did not managed to save his life. Two more wounded are also known “, said the mayor.

In addition, a gas pipeline was damaged at one of the addresses, 80 subscribers were left without gas. At another address – a break in the water supply.

“In the coming days, the repair teams will work everything out. Also, after the shelling, some of the townspeople were left without electricity for several hours, now the power engineers have quickly repaired everything. Today, public utilities distributed film to people to clog damaged windows. They will also help take out bulky garbage and clean up near the houses.” – added Senkevich.

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