The Ministry of Defense warns of a possible invasion of the Belarusian army into Ukraine

Photo: Ministry of Defense of Belarus

As of today, it is noted that the Belarusian troops are put on alert and are located in the areas of concentration, as close as possible to the state border of Ukraine.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine warns about the likely support of the Belarusian army by the Russian invaders in achieving the occupiers’ goals.

This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Defense.

“The Republic of Belarus, being a satellite of the Russian Federation, assists in deploying enemy troops and weapons on its territory. In the future, it can probably support the Russian invaders in the Russian-Ukrainian war and help achieve the occupiers’ goals,” the Defense Ministry noted.

So, as noted in the department, from February 24, 2022, missile strikes on military and civilian targets have been systematically launched from the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

“As of today, it is noted that the Belarusian troops are on alert and are located in the areas of concentration, as close as possible to the state border of Ukraine. During the current day, according to intelligence, the significant activity of aviation equipment was recorded. In addition, the movement of columns of vehicles with food and ammunition in the area of ​​the settlements of Baranovichi, Lyakhovichi, and Pinsk,” the MOU explained.

It is also noted that, according to available data, the Russian invaders are preparing to launch large-scale information and psychological operation in the nearest future.

Its goal is to break the resistance of the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian army with the help of lies. Using the tactics of total disinformation and intimidation of the civilian population, the enemy will try to sow panic and chaos.

Ministry of Defense of Belarus

“Due to the fact that the enemy fails to achieve his goals, due to the significant resistance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the resistance of the patriotic civilian population, he proceeded to destroy the information infrastructure and critical state facilities. Thus, the occupying forces, as they move deeper into the territory of Ukraine, the destruction of cellular relay towers is carried out. A missile attack on the TV tower of the city of Kyiv was carried out on March 1, 2022. The enemy continues to cynically disregard the norms of international humanitarian law during the conduct of hostilities. Groupings of the Armed Forces of Ukraine carry out the defense of certain lines and inflict a crushing defeat on the enemy in all directions.

During fierce battles in the Chernobyl direction, the chief of staff of the 36th combined-arms army of the Eastern Military District was wounded, and the commander of the 11th separate airborne assault brigade of the airborne troops of the RF Armed Forces was killed in the Seversky operational area,” the ministry said.

As reported, on March 1, Belarusian troops entered the Chernihiv region.

Residents of Slabin, Pakul, and the village of Mikhailo-Kotsyubinsky reported the movement of military equipment with a white circle painted on it.

The muting of mobile communications accompanied the movement of equipment.

According to local residents of Mikhailo-Kotsiubinsky, at 11:30 a Belarusian column of 33 units passed, of which 11 were Grads. Mobile communications are jammed again, we were driving in the direction of Slabin or Pakul.

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