The Ministry of Digital Transformation is expanding cooperation with USAID: the agency will allocate $60 million to strengthen Ukraine’s cyber security

Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov met with the Deputy Head of USAID, Isobel Coleman. During the meeting, further cooperation of Ukraine with the US Agency for International Development was discussed. In particular, they were strengthening cyber protection and supporting digital transformation.

USAID announced they would allocate 60 million dollars to strengthen Ukraine’s cyber security. This will help the government protect critical infrastructure facilities from Russian cyberattacks. In particular, energy, telecommunications, and data storage systems.

“USAID is a reliable partner of Ukraine. Thanks to the agency’s support, we launched the Diya application and portal and dozens of the most popular services that Ukrainians can get in a few clicks. The team of the Ministry of Digital Transformation actively cooperates with USAID in the field of digital transformation and cyber security. With the agency’s support, we are creating the most convenient services in Diia for Ukrainians and are already sharing our experience with the world. We are grateful to USAID for its regular assistance, support for our digital initiatives, and strengthening of the state’s cyber defense,” said Mykhailo Fedorov.

Ukraine has been cooperating with USAID in the field of cyber security since 2020 and already has tangible successes. Currently, the agency is expanding support to strengthen Ukraine’s capabilities to repel cyberattacks and support the digital transformation of our country. USAID has been cooperating with the Ministry of Digital Transformation since the first days of the Ministry’s work. Ukraine launched 80% of services in Diia thanks to the agency’s support. They also jointly launched the Register of Damaged Property and other anti-corruption projects.

USAID will cooperate with New Zealand and Denmark to strengthen Ukraine’s cyber security and support partnerships with other countries that are also helping Ukraine. USAID will contribute to the strengthening of digital infrastructure and support the private sector in the fields of information and communication technologies. And it will also help Ukraine develop digital tools for providing public services and reducing corruption.

From the first days of the Ministry of Digital Transformation, USAID has been providing legal, financial, and technical assistance for developing the Diia. In particular, with the support of partners, we implemented Bug Bounty – the best of Diia. The US agency has set aside a prize fund for ethical hackers looking for vulnerabilities and bugs in Diia. No critical vulnerabilities were found during the Bug Bounty. This made it possible to make once again sure and confirm that Diia is a safe application.

During the World Economic Forum in Davos, USAID announced that they plan to allocate about 650,000 dollars to form an approach to the distribution of Ukraine’s digital experience and the Diia mobile application to other countries.

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