The Ministry of Finance has launched a website dedicated to military bonds

Today, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine has launched a new website with information on military bonds.

Citizens of Ukraine, business representatives, and foreign investors can contribute to accelerating Ukraine’s victory in this bloody war of the aggressor country. Buying government military bonds is an investment in Russia’s defeat, its inevitable collapse, and disintegration.

The funds raised from the sale of military bonds will be used to finance the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and support the country’s economy in wartime. Thus, investors provide the Ukrainian army with the most necessary: ​​weapons, ammunition, equipment, food and medicine, and support the livelihood of the economy: the work of enterprises, the payment of salaries, pensions, and social benefits.

Today, military bonds are not only an investment tool but also our weapon with you. Weapons, both on the military and financial fronts. Invest in military bonds – bring victory over the occupiers

Minister of Finance of Ukraine Serhiy Marchenko
Serhiy Marchenko

Contact primary dealer banks and licensed brokers to purchase military bonds. Cost of one bond: UAH 1,000 / USD 1,000 / EUR 1,000.

Military bonds are an invaluable investment that will return peace, good and interest. It is an investment in victory. And the country also needs this support now. You can even buy military bonds online. So, together to victory

Minister of Defense of Ukraine Olexey Reznikov
Olexey Reznikov

With faith in the Armed Forces, we help with deeds. Military bonds are an opportunity to help resist the enemy and invest in a strong Ukraine in the future today

Sviatoslav Vakarchuk

Support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the state with investments. Military bonds are your contribution to the defeat of Russia!

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