The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the United Nations discussed the way to solve possible humanitarian crises in Ukraine

Today, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Mary Hakobyan and the head of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Ukraine, Sara Hilding der Weduven, discussed how to overcome the humanitarian crises that Ukrainians may face in the coming months due to Russia’s actions. This concerns the beginning of the winter period and the heating season, as well as possible consequences due to the escalation of the situation at the ZNPP. In addition, the parties analyzed ways to optimize humanitarian transportation across borders with the EU.

During the meeting, the Deputy Minister informed her partners about the security situation in Ukraine and thanked the UN representatives for their support of the Ukrainian people. She spoke about the work of rescue services, law enforcement agencies, and the military, which today perform many tasks, starting with the defense of the country and ending with the rescue of Ukrainian citizens.

“Our Ministry is involved in almost all response measures to crises caused by the war. This was clearly visible at the beginning of spring, when the load on the borders increased thousands of times when displaced people needed heating near the checkpoints. Our rescuers and border guards worked without rest and deployed heating and food stations at that time. The situation is constantly changing, but they still tirelessly perform their tasks. Together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs team, we are doing everything possible to mitigate the consequences of the war for the Ukrainian population,” Mary Hakobyan said.

Employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs system carry a double burden because they often perform additional tasks. For example, rescue workers, in addition to eliminating the consequences of shelling and fires, help people repair their houses: restoring roofs, and insert windows and doors where possible.

The Deputy Minister noted that before the winter period, the Ministry of Internal Affairs is already working on making all emergency response services energy-autonomous so that they can help the population at any time. She also thanked the UN for their assistance in solving humanitarian issues in Ukraine and for technical assistance to the Ministry of Internal Affairs bodies.

Sarah Hilding der Weduwen expressed her gratitude to the Ministry of the Interior for the high level of response to humanitarian challenges in the country. She also agreed to assist the agency in preventing humanitarian crises, including those that may arise due to the escalation of the situation at the ZNPP. Ms Sarah expressed her concern about the recent developments at the station.

“I remember what impact Chornobyl had, even though I lived in Sweden at the time and it is relatively far away. In any case, an accident at the ZNPP can lead to huge population displacements. And we must be ready to help people,” said the head of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Ukraine.

Separately, the parties discussed the solution to logistical issues related to implementing humanitarian operations.

With the beginning of the war, to speed up the delivery of humanitarian aid to Ukraine, the Government simplified some mechanisms and procedures in this area. During today’s meeting, representatives of the UN and colleagues from the DPSU, discussed possible ways of establishing a mechanism for the transportation of humanitarian goods. Thanks to joint efforts and active communication, we must overcome all obstacles.

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