The “Mother of Apostles” received “Best Film” and “Best Director” awards at Calella Film Festival

The award ceremony of the sixth Calella Film Festival took place in Calella (Spain), where Ukraine received two awards: the film “Mother of the Apostles” was selected as the best film (Best Film), and his director Zaza Buadze – the best director (Best Director).

380 films were submitted to the festival, 20 were selected for the competition, and 6 were nominated for the award from Japan, the Czech Republic, Finland, Spain, Great Britain, and Ukraine.

The military drama “Mother of the Apostles” tells of immeasurable maternal love. When the son is in danger, the mother rushes to the rescue as soon as possible. For the sake of saving a child, she is capable of anything, even going through the hell of war. The film is based on true events that took place in eastern Ukraine in 2014.

Mother of the Apostles poster

The film was presented by director Zaza Buadze and producer Dmytro Ovechkin during the festival in the Spanish cities of Calella and Arenys de Mar.

Representatives of the Consulate General of Ukraine in Barcelona, ​​led by Consul Oleksandr Dzomai, attended the demonstration in Arens-da-Mar. The day before, a meeting was held with the Consul General of Ukraine in Barcelona Artem Vorobyov on the need and importance of organising film screenings for the Ukrainian diaspora in Spain.

The film based on true stories. The director, in tandem with the wonderful play by the actress, managed to organically reveal the image of an Ukrainian woman, combine a tense, drama filled story with the feminine image of the main character. Through the eyes of the main character, we see the life of people living in the occupied territories, the faces distorted by the war, the crop-devastated farmland, the life that was stopped by the war.

The woman suddenly finds herself in a completely alien and aggressive world, where everything is full of hostility, hatred, misunderstanding and unwillingness to understand others. In this hell, she is not only looking for her son, but having in her heart great love and merciful character, she changes all who she meets in her way. And most importantly, she transforms herself: she finds a truly sacred power, she fights a senseless war and in her eyes despair, insecurity and fear are reborn in the eternal mother spirit of the land, that returns the sons home; dead or alive.

The distinction of the Mother of Apostles is the almost unique manner in which it tells its stories – showing the opposition of antagonists, by exposing the conflict and then we unravel it ourselves. We do not analyse who is right and who is wrong. We walk their paths with the main character, avoiding critical turns in favor of a colourful description of the heroine, showing the depth of her image.

The “Mother of the Apostles” was created by the company “Studio “Golden Fleece” with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine.