The murder of Dugina: the Russian special service found another “Ukrainian trace”

The Russian special service claims that two citizens of Ukraine committed the crime.

The Russian Federal Security Service found another “Ukrainian trace” in the murder of Daria Dugina, the daughter of the main ideologist of the “Russian peace” Alexander Dugin. Another Ukrainian, Bohdan Tsyganenko, born in 1978, was allegedly involved in the crime, rg.ru was told at the Center for Public Relations of the Russian special services.

The FSB claims that Tsyganenko, together with his compatriot Natalya Vovk, was preparing the murder of Dugina in Moscow.

According to the Russian intelligence service, the Ukrainian arrived in Russia on July 30 in transit through Estonia and left the country the day before the crime was committed.

“… it was Tsyganenko who provided Vovk with fake license plates and documents in the name of a real citizen of Kazakhstan, Yulia Zaiko. In addition, he helped Vovk to assemble an improvised explosive device in a garage they rented in the southwest of Moscow,” the Russian special service claims.

Recall that on August 20, a car was blown up in the Moscow region, driven by Daria Dugina. The media wrote that the explosion was found under the bottom of the car.

On August 22, the FSB of the Russian Federation boasted that they had “discovered” Dugina’s murder – they claimed that the car was blown up by 43-year-old Ukrainian woman Natalya Vovk, who served in the Azov regiment and arrived in the country in June with her 12-year-old daughter.