The Netherlands will provide Ukraine with a loan of up to 200 million euros on preferential terms

On November 11, 2022, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the resolution “On the implementation of external state borrowing in 2022 by attracting a loan from the state of the Netherlands in the person of the Minister of Finance”, developed by the Ministry of Finance.

The Ministry of Finance of the Netherlands provides a loan of up to 200 million euros on preferential terms for Ukraine through the account of the International Monetary Fund.

By the adopted resolution, the Government of Ukraine approved the basic conditions for obtaining a loan, in particular:

  • interest is accrued on the loan amount at an annual interest rate equal to the IMF basic rate of charge (IMF basic rate of charge, currently this rate is about 3.641% per annum);
  • the final loan repayment is carried out 10 years from the date of loan selection (taking into account the grace period of deferment of loan repayment for 4.5 years from the date of loan selection).

Credit funds are intended for financing expenditures of the general fund of the state budget.

Funding is carried out following the credit agreement between Ukraine and the Netherlands, represented by the countries’ finance ministers.

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