The Odessa OMA told who will decide on the tourist season

The decisive word on the issue of opening recreation on the sea coast of the Odessa region and places for swimming should be with the military.

This opinion was expressed on the air of the informational telethon by the speaker of the Odessa Regional Military Administration Sergey Bratchuk.

“Regarding the ban on swimming and everything connected with it. Unfortunately, there is a notorious human factor. Our patrol police work in tough conditions, we are talking about communication with some violators of all those rules that are established. I pay tribute to ordinary residents of Odessa and the public to activists who join and convince people to leave those parts of the beach of the coast that are probably mined. After all, there is a danger that a mine can be brought to the shore and there have already been such facts, and tragic ones too,” Bratchuk emphasized.

The speaker of the Odessa OMA noted the initiative to open more sections of the beaches and the coast for bathing vacationers.

“In this situation, I support such a solution to the problem when the last word in this matter should be with our military. Because the sea, the coast, the beach are the front line. There is a threat not only from missiles but also from the navy. Our military did everything to carry out anti-amphibious and anti-ship measures in due time. We are well aware that today the protection of the city, the entire region, and Ukraine is the number one issue,” Bratchuk emphasized.

He added that, in his opinion, “all the rest of this plan should be after the victory.”

The speaker of the Odessa OVA noted that the losses for tourism in the Odessa region are huge. But, despite this, we should talk about recreation not in the format of resuming the work of night entertainment establishments but about the fact that recreation and rehabilitation institutions should open and operate.

“We are not talking about nightclubs, but about recreation and rehabilitation facilities. A person can relax in various formats, including somewhere in a cafe and in a restaurant. According to the rules that are clearly spelled out, people’s safety is first and foremost. We are talking about the fact that such recreation facilities exist for ordinary Odessans, for those migrants who are on the territory of Odessa and the region, for our soldiers, who, returning from combat positions, also not only have the right but are obliged to rest. Even during a war, a person must recover over a certain period. Therefore, we are talking about the work of institutions for rest and restoration. Today, such recreation facilities are also one of the factors of our economy and budget replenishment,” said Bratchuk.

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